(Mon – Sat: Breakfast till Noon & Sunday all day)

Fruit Salad $8
Fresh local seasonal fruits tossed in a salad style
with icecream $10.50

Hot Pancakes
Freshly cooked pancakes, served with maple syrup & butter
Short Stack (3 pancakes) $8.50
Long Stack (6 pancakes) $14.50

Breakfast Burger $10.50
Eggs cooked to your liking with tomatoes & cheese on a toasted burger bun
with bacon $13

French Toast $8.50
Served with maple syrup
with bacon & cheese $12.50

Hawaiian Loco Moco $16.50
Portion of rice topped with lamb or beef patie, a choice of Teriyaki or taditional gravy with 2 fried eggs

American Waffles $12.50
2 golden waffles dusted wit icing sugar & butter & topped with chocolate sauce

Eggs Benedict $14.50
2 poached eggs with shaved ham on a toasted muffin bun, topped with hollandaise sauce
with kumala or hashbrowm $16.50

Omelette $10.50
3-egg omelette cooked with onion, chilli & tomato served on toasted
with dalo fries $12.50
with bacon, cheese & mushroom $14.50
with the LOT $17

Cafe Victoria’s MIGHTY BIG BREAKFAST $22.50
2 Eggs cooked to your liking, bacon, sausages, tomato, hash brown, mushrooms & baked beans
with Teriyaki Steak $25
with Corned Beef Stir-fry $25
with the LOT $25



Beef Burger $11.50
Home-made beef pattie with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, cheese & fried onions
with fries $13.50

Steak Burger $12.50
Sirloin steak with lettuce, tomato, cheese & fried onions
with fries $14

Fish Burger $11
Yellow fin tuna grilled or battered with lettuce, tomato, topped with tartar sauce & fried onions
with fries $13

Chicken Burger $12.50
Grilled chicken breast with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & cheese
with fries $14.50

BBQ Lamb Burger $13.50
Lamb-herbed pattie, grilled & topped with our house BBQ sauce
with fries $15.50

Satay Chicken Burger $13.50
Chicken breast marinated in Indian spices & satay yoghurt
with fries $15.50

Vegetarian Burger $11
Battered eggplant with lettuce, tomato, cucumber & mayonnaise
with fries $13

Cafe Victoria’s MEGA Burger $16.50
170g beef pattie with mayonnaise, lettuce, pineapple, bacon, egg, cheese & fried onions
with fries $18

Special T Burgers

Fishermen’s Burger $15
Burger roll with freshly home-made fish pattie, lettuce, tomato, tempura onion & sweet chilli tartar sauce

Super Deluxe Burger $19.50
Choice of grilled beef or lamb pattie, chicken fillet, egg, cheese, lettuce & tomato encased in 3 slices of burger roll with lightly spiced BBQ mayo sauce

The LOT $22
Choice of grilled beef or lamb pattie, chicken, fish, egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato with lightly spiced BBQ mayo sauce

Veggie Temptation $14.50
Tempura aubergine, onion, pommes croquette, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber with coriander ketchup sauce

Chicken & Chips

Chicken & Chips

Quarter Chicken $13
Dipped in our house batter, served with fries
with Garden Salad $15.50

Half Chicken $22
Served with Garden Salad & fries

Kakana Vaka-Viti

Kakana Vaka-Viti

Fridays & Saturdays Only

Kokoda $15
Served with dalo fries

Sashimi $15
Served with wasabi, soy sauce & pink ginger

Nama, Tossed with tuna, tomatoes & onion $18
(Fiji sea-grapes | Your choice of miti & dalo fries or lemon, chilli & boiled dalo

Ika vakalolo $20
Choice of a whole small Sabutu or Nuqa or fish fillet cooled in coconut cream served in a bed of watercress & fried dalo

Grilled Pork Chops $25
Served with rourou & boiled dalo

Island Platter $29
Individual bowls of nama, kokoda, grilled fish of choice with fried onions & tomatoes, served with boiled or fried dalo & side of sweet vakasoso



Hot & Cold

Regular $4 Mug $6 Mega Mug $9.50
Long Black

Extra Shot $4.50

Pot of Tea $3.50
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Lady Grey

Freshly Squeezed Juices
Small $4
Large $9
Seasonal Juices (Ask staff about our seasonal juices)

Fresh Young coconut juice (Bu) $4

Assorted Fizzy Drinks
330mL Cans $2.80
600mL Bottles $3.50
1.25L Bottles $4.50

Fiji Water

500mL $3
1L $4.50

Energy Drinks
Mother $3.50
Red Bull $10.50
Powerade (750mL) $6

Shake Me Up & Cool Me Down

Ice Shakes $7.50
Coffee Caramel

Iced Teas $6

Be Cool Slushies
Small $6
Large $8
Mango Tango
Berry Blast

Be Cool Smoothies $7
Mixed Summer Berry

Milkshakes $5.50

Cocktails $15
Mango Daquiri
Guava Daquiri
Pina Colada

Mocktails $8
Guava Passion
Mango Tango

Minute Maid Pulpy
375mL $4.50
1L $7

Wind Down


Fiji Gold/Bitter
Draught $5
Stubbies $7
Jug $22
Fiji Premium $8.50
Vonu Pure $8.50
Vonu 8 $10
Corona $10
Bucket (4 bottles) $30

Jim Beam Black $11
Vodka Cruiser $10
Woodstock $10
Kentucky State $10
Tribe Vodka $8

Local Spirits $6/Shot
Bounty Dark/White Rum
Czarina Vodka
Regal Whiskey
Old Oak Brandy

Imported Spirits $12/Shot
Jim Beam Black
Bombay Sapphire
Black Label
Absolut Vodka
Jose Cuevo Tequila

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Served with lemon, chilli, tartar & tomato sauce

Yellow fin $11
Marlin $12
Wahoo $13
Mahimahi $13
Walu $14.50
Salmon Cod $14.50
Paka Paka $15
Parrot Fish $15.50



Gralic Prawn Hot Pot $39
Whole prawns in garlic butter with rice & garden salad

Pink Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce $49
Pick salmon on a bed of mash or kumala & a side of steamed okra

Canadian Lobster (Half) $49.50 (Seasonal)
Pacific Lobster (Half) $38.50
Grilled with garlic butter, served with fries & garden salad

Fresh Whole Nuqa or Sabutu
Small $20
Medium $25
Large $35
Either grilled or deep-fried & served with dalo or fries
*Available according to season

Curry Lolo Mud Crab
Curry crab cooked in coconut milk & served with rice, roti, pappadum & cucumber & tomato chutney
Small $35
Large $45

Prawn or Calamari & Fries $18
Choice of battered prawns or 12 crumbed calamari served with tartar sauce & fries

Seafood Platter $30
9 fish fingers, 3 garlic prawns, 4 calamari rings, 3 half shelled mussels, 2 spring rolls, 2 samosas & served with fresh garden salad & garlic bread

Seafood Basket $28
2 battered prawns, 4 calamari rings, 2 scallops, 2 mussels & 3 piece of your choice of fish served with tartar sauce & fries

$28 Mains

$28 Mains

Hearty Lamb Shanks
Roasted Lamb shanks, topped with hot gravy & served with steamed veggies & creamy mash

Teriyaki Tuna
250g yellow fin tuna fillet lightly grilled in teriyaki sauce & served with steamed veggies & a creamy mash or hot rice

Pineapple & Ginger Salsa Chicken
Skinless chicken breast marinated in ginger sauce, topped with freshly chopped pineapple, cucumber, coriander & tomato salsa & served with rice

Butterfly Prawns
A half dozen butterfly prawns sautéed in garlic lemon butter, finished with cream & served with hot rice

Mixed Grill
3 pieces of sirloin steak, 1 piece lamb chop & 1 sausage marinated in our in-house teriyaki & BBQ sauce, served with crispy dalo & coleslaw

Grilled Mahimahi
Mahimahi grilled in lemon butter & capers & served with wedges & a fresh garden salad



Grilled Ham & Cheese $8.50
Traditional Ham & Cheese melt
with fries $11

Steak Sandwich $12
An open steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato & grilled onions
with fries $14.50

Chicken Sandwich $11
Chicken sandwich with lettuce & tomatoes
with fries $13.50

Egg Sandwich $7.50
with fries $10

Veg Salad Sandwich $8.50
Garden salad & tempura eggplant
with fries $11

Club Sandwich $13.50
Chicken, egg, bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise & tomato
with fries $15.50

Kids Menu

Kids Menu

All meals are served with fries & your choice of one dessert

Mains $10

Mini Beef Burgers
Chicken Nibbles
Fish Fingers
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chicken Sausages
Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Animal shaped waffles with maple syrup


Cake & ice-cream
A scoop of ice-cream
Small fruit salad

Recommended for children 12 years & under
*For children with a larger appetite please choose from our main menu



New Zealand Angus Sirloin $45

New Zealand Scotch Fillet $45
300g pieces of imported steak, grilled to your liking, served with a fresh garden salad, creamy mushroom sauce & mash or fries

Fillet Mignon $45
A fine cut of fillet steak cooked to your liking & wrapped in a crispy bacon strip, served with steamed veggies, garlic butter, mushroom sauce & creamy mash or fries

Surf & Turf
200g Fillet Steak cooked to your liking
with 2 prawns & 2 calamari $45
with half lobster & 2 prawns $55
served with creamy mushroom sauce, fresh garden salad & fries

Steak & Dalo $20
Teriyaki steaks & onions, served with 2 fried eggs, crispy dalo & coleslaw



Fish fingers & tartar sauce $5.50

Spicy dalo fries $5.50

Creamy pumpkin soup with garlic bread $9.50

Tomato seafood soup served with crispy garlic bread $16.50

6 half shelled mussels or prawns sautéed in garlic butter, coriander & chilli $16.50



Value Pack $10
3 piece fish & chips & your choice of free can drink

Super Pack $18.50
5 piece fish, 2 piece chicken & fries

Family Pack $48
15 piece fish, 4 piece chicken, fries, coleslaw & potato salad

Health & Healing

Health & Healing Menu – $20

Gluten-free – Dairy-free option available

Choice of: ONE Salad & ONE Protein


  • Greek salad
  • Garden salad
  • Roast veggies
  • Steam veggies
  • Watercress in ginger soup


  • Grilled mahimahi (6pc)
  • Chicken & prawn skewer (3pc)
  • Yellow fin tuna (6pc)
  • Grilled chicken slices (8pc)
  • Steak slices (8pc)

$22 Pastas

$22 Pasta

Italian Bolognese
Beef mince cooked in our house traditional bolognaise sauce, served on linguine pasta
(Option: mild, spicy or hot)

Creamy Prawn Pastas
6 large butterfly prawns sautéed in a creamy white wine sauce & served on linguine pasta

Café V Cabonara
Linguine pasta tossed with bacon or chicken in a creamy parsley & parmesan sauce

Smoked Fish Pasta (Cold)
Linguine pasta tossed with smoked fish, corn kernels, capsicum, French beans, coriander, tossed in a light seasoned infused garlic olive oil

Seafood Napoletana
In house marinara mix tossed with linguine pasta, capsicum & a napoletana sauce

** All pastas are served with garlic bread **

$20 Vegetarian

$20 Vegetarian

Roast Veggies
Seasonal market roasted veggies served with a side of crispy dalo fries

Veggie Capriata
Linguine pasta tossed in loive oil, fetta cheese, roasted tomatoes, olives, capsicum, fresh basil & onions, served with garlic bread

Creamy Pumpkin Soup
With garlic bread or dalo fries

Roast Veggie Lasagna
Traditional roasted seasonal vegetables sautéed in an Italian tomato & herb paste, topped with white sauce & cheese

Creamy Potato Salad
Topped with corn kernels, poached French beans & an egg



Caesar Salad(S) $12 (L) $15
Lettuce, garlic croutons, egg & parmesan cheese, topped with our in-house caesar salad dressing

Greek Salad (S) $12 (L) $15
Lettuce, watercress, tomato, cucumber, black olives & fetta cheese topped with our in-house special dressing

Garden Salad (S) $11 (L) $14
Fresh seasonal garden salad topped with our in-house dressing

Young Bu Salad $16.50
Shaved flesh of a young coconut, served with watercress, carrots, capsicum & cucumber, tossed in a light refreshing dressing
Optional: Chilli

Coleslaw Salad $9

Potato Salad $9


  • 3 Prawns $7.50
  • 1 serve diced chicken breast $6
  • Parmesan cheese $2.50



Fries $5.50
Dalo Fries $5.50
Wedges $6.50
Rice $3.50
Creamy Mash $6.50

Chicken (Bone in) $5
Egg $2
Bacon $4
Mussel meat $3

Half-shelled Mussel $3
Half Lobster $20
Prawn Cutlet $3.50
Seafood Stick $3.50
Scallop $4
Calamari $2.50
Fish $4.50

Mustard $1.50
Tomato Sauce $1.50
Tartar Sauce $2.50
Mayonnaise $2
Chilli Sauce $2.50
Sweet Chilli $2.50
Mushroom Sauce $7.50

Take-away Containers
Small $0.50
Medium $0.80
Large $1

Wine List

Wine List


Slippery Fish Sauvignon Blanc (AUS)
This displays intense gooseberries, passion-fruit & hints of peach
Glass $7.50
Bottle $28

Tisdale Chardonnay (USA)
Flavours of pineapple & citrus fruit, complemented by vanilla oak aromas
Glass $7.50
Bottle $28

Tisdale Pinot Gris (USA) $28
A light-bodies Pinot Grigio with citrus fruit notes & a refreshing finish

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) $55
A zesty & refreshing blend with herbal & grassy notes

Yellow Tail Range (AUS) $45
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc


Slippery Fish Cabernet Merlot (AUS)
A light, soft & well-balanced wine consisting of red-berry fruit, cherry & plum characteristics
Glass $7.50
Bottle $28

Barefoot Shiraz (USA)
Clean, smooth & full of fruit, aromas of red apple skin, vanilla & spices
Glass $8.50
Bottle $32

Yellow Tail Range (AUS) $45
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir

A choice of red or white wine with sliced oranges, topped with lemonade
Glass $6.50
Jug $22

Sparkling Wines

Chandon (AUS) $65
A bright & fresh fruit bubbles. Most suited for celebrations

Mateus Rose (POR) $45
A fresh, light, young & slightly sparkling wine

Yellow Tail Range (AUS) $55
Bubbles Rose
Bubbles White

Yellow Tail Joey (200mL) (AUS) $15
Available in Pink, White or Moscato

Antipodes Sparkling Water (500mL) $10

Dessert Wine

Banrock Station Moscato (AUS)
Delicate passion-fruit & fresh pineapple flavours with sweet characteristics
Glass $8.50
Bottle $32